Policies » Student Drop-Off, Pick-Up, and Transportation

Student Drop-Off, Pick-Up, and Transportation

Early Pick-Ups
We value our instructional time from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. When you pick up your child before 2:30 pm, valuable instructional time is lost. It is also a disruption to the classroom. However, we will work with you for occasional early pick-ups. We discourage frequent early pick-ups.

Changing Transportation Procedures
If you need to call the office for your child to change transportation procedures, please do so by 2:00 pm. This will allow office staff time to relay the information to your child. Please remember dismissal is at 2:40 pm. Instructional time continues until then.

Early Drop Off
Please do not drop off your children before 7:20 am. An adult will be there at 7:20 am. No child should be left unattended on High Street.

Dropping Students Off
If you need to walk your child into the building, park in the parking lot and walk in with your child. Do not pull through the parking lot and drop off your child at the lobby entrance for any reason. It is not safe for your child to wander in unattended.