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Curricular Programs
Heterogeneous grouping is utilized throughout the grade levels. Learning is encouraged through a curriculum that is rich, not only in writing activities, but also in speaking and listening activities.

Deeply embedded in our curriculum is a balanced literacy philosophy, as well as the use of innovative instructional approaches which complement individual learning styles.

Innovative Programs
The curriculum is reinforced with the following programs:
  • Child Development 4K program for 60 eligible students
  • All-day Kindergarten
  • Literacy Groups
  • Computer Lab
  • Artist-In-Education
  • School-wide Mail System
  • School Morning News Program (WCPS)
  • Life Skills Character Education Program

Student books are published in the school's publishing center. 
The following link will take you to the SC Department of Education website where you can view the standards taught with students in kindergarten through 2nd grade.
The following link will take you to the Early Learning Good Start Grow Smart standards for our 4K program.