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Special Programs » A Little Story Time

A Little Story Time

Students at CPS participate in A Little Story Time. During this time, Principal Melisa Little, shares stories with the students. Students write to Mrs. Little requesting her to read various books.
Dear Mrs. Little,
My favorite book is Franklin Tells a Fib. I like the book because it teacs you it is not good to tell fibs. First I was like what is a fib but when my guidance teacher Mrs. Davis read the book I finaly found out what a fib was. Love, Narrie

Dear Mrs. Little,
I would like for you to read this book The Three Little Fishs and the Big Bad Shark. It was funny because all of the shark teeth fell out. Your friend, Michelle

Dear Mrs. Little,
Our class would like for you to read David Goes to School by David Shannon. We think the David books are so funny! Our class believes that everyone would love to hear it. Love, Mrs. Rogers' Class